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About Me

Hi I'm Chelsie! I'm a mommy to three cute kids, and a wife to the best guy I know. I am lucky enough to have my dream job - photographing teeny tiny babies and the most adorable, loving families. My husband, Grady, and I met fifteen years ago when I was a senior in high school, but we didn't start dating until I graduated college in 2009. Our children, Evelyn, Harvey, and Betty, keep us on our toes. I'm constantly reminded how special and important my job is as I watch them grow and change so quickly.

Grady and I started our photography business eight years ago while we were living in South Carolina. I was teaching school and he was in school. Photography was something we really enjoyed doing together. When Evelyn was born, I took over the business and began to realize my passion was capturing newborns and brand new families. I want to remember every detail of each of my children during each stage of their lives and I love helping other families do the same. 

My newborn style is all about the baby. I use soft, organic colors that compliment your little one's skin tone. My style is simplistic so the main focus is your sweet baby. I will not overly pose your little one because I want you to remember them just the way they were. Your baby only stays this little for a short time. I want to bottle up every memory of them for you to keep in the years to come. 

My family sessions are very laid back. I start each session with a few posed shots and give the family some time to play together and be themselves. When looking back on my daughter I want to remember her crooked smile, the way her eyes lit up when she saw me, and how her tiny hand grasped my shirt when I carried her. These little details are the things I want to help you remember as well. I truly feel like the luckiest girl around to be part of so many families' most special moments. I know how important it is to preserve our memories and I would absolutely love to work with you!

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Hey Y'all! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Kathrine and I love everything makeup and beauty. I got into this industry by happenstance after my husband returned from a 13 month deployment to Afghanistan in November 2016. I had really let myself go.... survival mode at its finest. But, I found a cosmetic product line that I loved, dove in head first, and built this little business from the ground up. Year by year I have expanded my services and enhanced my craft to providing top notch MUA services. I am Company Certified and have been blessed to work with hundreds of clients. Bottom line--- I love people. I love to spend time with people. I love to help them look and feel their best. Exactly the way they were created to be-- beautiful in His Image. I was born and raised in the deep south, Winston County Alabama, Haleyville to be exact. I'm a small town girl at my core, living in city life in Huntsville, Alabama. Some of you might life that I consider Huntsville "city life" but, coming from where I did--- if you live within 10 miles of a Target--- well, you've arrived. I'm obsessed with my husband, for real. Crazy in love, more and more everyday. I have two awesome girls that love to dance and flip, but, Lord be near.... THE DRAMA. ahhhhh. And I might have the cutest dog on the planet, Poppy the Goldendoodle. I am a Mom of loss. We have 3 precious babies (2 girls, 1 boy) in the arms of Jesus and I cannot wait to get my hands on them. I am a graduate of Auburn University, War Eagle, and an avid coffee drinker, nap taker, and chocolate junky. It's important to know where and IN WHO my identity is found. Jesus. I say His name as often as I can. It is my sole purpose to spread His Love, Joy, Kindness, and Acceptance to everyone I see--- and to raise my children to do the same. I believe everyone has the opportunity for restoration and grace through Him.




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