The days of matching outfits are long gone. Rather than choosing outfits that are the same, we encourage you to choose outfits that will complement each other. Choose a couple accent colors and incorporate them somewhere in to everybody’s outfits. After you choose your colors, allow yourself some wiggle room. If you were to choose burgundy and brown, not every brown needs to be the exact same shade of brown. Just make sure that they work together.  Remember, these are accent colors, so not everybody needs to come covered from head to toe in them.  If the brother plans to wear a burgundy shirt, maybe it would be nice for the sister to have on a burgundy necklace.  We are not looking for an over abundance of your accent color, just enough to bring everybody together.

Here is a list of colors that we have noticed go well together:

  • Browns and Greens
  • Deep Blues and Rich Purples
  • Deep Pinks and Blues
  • Dark Pinks and Greys
  • Yellows, Blues, and Greys

It may also look nice to do many shades of one color.

 Things to avoid:

~Shirts with logos or printing on them. While printed tees may be all the rave now, they may not be quite so cool in 10 years. We want your photographs to be timeless!

~Anything white (other than a wedding dress). We want you to be the focus of every photo that we take. White shirts or skirts always seem to reflect so much light that they steal your attention! Not only that, but they often reflect the color of whatever you are around. While beige and ivory are ok, strongly urge you to steer clear from white outfits.

~Clothing that is too loose or too tight. Everybody wants to look their best and clothing that is too loose or too tight can tend to make us look larger that we are. Need I say more?