Madi Gibbons- 2014 Senior Rep

photo (3)We are excited to introduce you to our newest 2014 Senior Rep- Madi Gibbons! Madi is a serious go- getter. Not only does she take her school work very seriously, as a member of the National Honor Society, but she is also the students council Vice President  and a varsity cheerleader!  And it goes without saying that this girl is GORGEOUS. Seriously, look at that hair! We can’t wait for our photo shoot with Madi this month!

Being one of our Senior Reps, like Madi, has some pretty sweet perks! Here’s what she gets:

  • A FREE custom senior photo shoot at the location of your choice and with up to 3 outfit changes.
  • Editing and enhancement of 20+ images.
  • 40 wallet sized photos with our info to pass out to her friends.
  • FREE Facebook images
  • The ability to earn credit towards the printing of her pictures!

We still have spots available for Senior Reps! If you are interested, check out this post for more information.

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